5 Top Trends In Growth Marketing In 2022

At the core of marketing lies the process of building brand recognition in order to either acquire brand-new clients or encourage current clients to make more purchases. If it is unable to maintain its expansion, a product or service line will eventually become extinct. Top Trends In Growth Marketing A growth marketing funnel takes the process one step further than a conventional marketing funnel, which aims to convert brand awareness into purchase choices.

Here are the 5 Top Trends In Growth Marketing;

1. A deeper look at data analytics

As previously said, successful growth marketing tactics rely on the use of data and analytics to test a hypothesis and decide if additional experimentation is required. Top Trends In Growth Marketing However, if such data is not utilized to create changes or if there is no goal post, the findings will be meaningless. It makes little sense to keep trying email subject lines if open rates aren’t an issue.

5 Top Trends In Growth Marketing In 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

What is developing in analytics practice is an analysis of what is improving and what is not improving over time. If moving to a new email template results in greater engagement rates, marketers should investigate which components of the email customers are connected with. For example, did leads click more on the social network icons or more than once on the CTA button? Top Trends In Growth MarketingWas it the color of the CTA button that prompted them to click, or was it the wording or another design element?

Diving into minor aspects like these assists organizations in identifying growth prospects and determining if certain marketing techniques are effective. Limiting date ranges also allows marketers to see whether targeted customers react differently to continuous and recurring campaigns. Discovering a certain subject or method of presenting a message that consistently generates high interest allows marketers to double down on effective strategies.

2. Optimization of Voice Search

According to a survey issued in March 2019 by voicebot.ai and voicify.com, the number of smart speaker owners in the United States increased by 39% to 66.4 million individuals. Top Trends In Growth Marketing This seems to be in line with the projection that voice commerce revenues would reach $40 billion by 2022. While the judgment is still out on how to optimize your website for voice search on all platforms, Backlinko discovered several crucial aspects in 2018 that you can work on to affect Google Home results.

Now, I’m not claiming that voice search will completely replace text search. However, the former will represent a significant portion of search volume that you cannot ignore, Top Trends In Growth Marketing particularly if your existing traffic is coming from devices that support voice search, such as smartphones.

3. Machine Learning and AI Automation

You’re probably acquainted with automatic bidding if you routinely run advertising on Google, Facebook marketing campaigns, or any other big ad platform. It wasn’t always the most efficient approach for sophisticated marketers to advertise. Smart bidding altered all of that in 2019. Top Trends In Growth Marketing Third-party SaaS businesses that assist with bid automation and administration have enabled many newcomers to place and forget advertisements with minimal scrutiny to date.

5 Top Trends In Growth Marketing In 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

The Google Ads script will be more simplified for notifications and recurring modifications such as negative keyword recognition, real-time bidding, and so on. As more people learn that automating your bids for the outcome is much more successful than just getting visitors to your site, Top Trends In Growth Marketing PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns will give way to CPA (cost per acquisition) efforts.

Another area where automation will have a significant impact is automated reporting. Google’s Data Studio is an excellent resource for this. I’ve been using it for two years and, after I created templates, I never had to spend more than an hour tweaking them for each new customer.

4. Video Marketing

Video creation was formerly a time-consuming and unfriendly mode of information delivery. None of the marketing experts predicted that it would soar into the growing marketing trends. However, since TikTok entered the Indian market, videos have proliferated faster than any other kind of entertainment. Vertical videos, created with a smartphone camera, are simple to create and popular with viewers.

According to statistics, the video will account for 80% of internet traffic by 2012. This is an excellent opportunity to invest in high-quality video equipment and a scriptwriting staff. Top Trends In Growth Marketing Videos are an excellent approach to raising awareness and communicating directly with your target audience. Furthermore, videos may help you obtain some SEO brownie points.

5. Social Commerce

It’s only logical that, with the expansion of social media and eCommerce, they’d blend in a manner that most effortlessly completes a deal. The ability to finish a transaction without requiring the user to exit the app significantly minimizes the probability that the sale will be abandoned.

5 Top Trends In Growth Marketing In 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

The use of social commerce is expanding across all demographics and will only increase in 2020 and beyond. Instagram Checkout is a nice illustration of this. Top Trends In Growth Marketing Checkout Instagram – Instagram users may now tap to examine a product from a brand’s shopping page and continue to purchase without leaving the Instagram app, as of March 2019. They’ve also just started testing the functionality in Instagram Stories.


In terms of growth marketing, 2022 is likely to be a year that builds on patterns that have emerged over the course of the previous few years. It will be fascinating to see the brand-new technologies, platforms, and opportunities that are made available by it. Top Trends In Growth Marketing Soothsayers of the current day are the ones who are tasked with the responsibility of forecasting unusual occurrences, but I choose to have my feet firmly planted in the here and now so that I may take control of the future.

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