What Are Sales Technology? 5 Trends To Follow In Sales Tech

What Are Sales Technology? 5 Trends To Follow In Sales Tech | Daily Marketing Facts

Technology is constantly evolving, and businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology to run their businesses efficiently. Here are just some of the Trends To Follow In Sales Tech technology has changed business for the better; by streamlining sales techniques and the sales processes

Here are 5 Trends To Follow In Sales Tech;

1. Use of Social Platforms for generation of sales

Many social media platforms have sprung up to attract and engage new consumers, which is a crucial stage in the sales funnel for any business. Companies may “shake hands” with their consumers on social media platforms, allowing them to learn more about their goods and services while also increasing the likelihood of a sale. Trends To Follow In Sales Tech In contrast to traditional sales, social media allows you to shake hands with millions of people from all over the globe at once.

Due to social media, today’s consumers are more connected than ever before. For the typical buyer, peer recommendations carry ten times the weight of salespeople’s suggestions when it comes to product research, according to industry statistics. It’s also interesting to note that most buyers have already made up their minds about a purchase before they get in touch with a vendor.

What Are Sales Technology? 5 Trends To Follow In Sales Tech | Daily Marketing Facts

A digital breadcrumb trail left behind by potential consumers on social media may be used by organizations to better reach potential customers at the proper time in the decision-making process.

Social media input from customers aids firms in refining and shaping their messaging and sales strategies in order to achieve greater future success. Trends To Follow In Sales Tech Studies has shown that 78 percent of sales professionals who utilize social media routinely outsell their counterparts who don’t use it.

2. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Many companies are implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies for their sales staff in order to take full use of mobile technologies. BYOD techniques provide a lot of advantages to the sales process in addition to removing the large expenditures of acquiring personal mobile devices for sales staff.

With the use of personal mobile devices (which individual salespeople are already familiar with), teams may more efficiently communicate with colleagues and clients no matter where they are in the world, regardless of geography. Trends To Follow In Sales Tech Employees are more equipped and more productive as a consequence of BYOD-enabled sales training and strategy updates in the field. It’s been reported that BYOD policies have increased productivity by as much as 20% at certain companies.

Selling is a team effort, and each employee’s personality and selling style is critical. By enabling workers to bring their own gadgets to work, BYOD fosters a culture of individualism. BYOD security standards must be put in place and enforced to guarantee that personal devices used for work purposes don’t compromise important business and customer information.

3. AI Powered Contact Center Solutions

Another option to boost customer service and agent productivity is to use AI-powered contact center solutions. These tools have a wide range of applications, but all of them are focused on increasing sales, enhancing performance, and enhancing transparency. Trends To Follow In Sales Tech Customers may be reached by phone, email, and other channels, and all customer and interaction data can be stored in one place thanks to contacting center software coupled with your CRM.

What Are Sales Technology? 5 Trends To Follow In Sales Tech | Daily Marketing Facts

In this way, time is saved and productivity is increased, and there is no chance of losing data. Unstructured data, such as phone conversations, may be analyzed using AI techniques to derive valuable insights. Speech recognition and call analytics, which we’ll discuss in more detail later, will therefore be advantageous to you.

4. Internet of Things

Although it has been drawing our attention for years, the Internet of Things (IoT) is clearly more than simply an interesting fad. In every field, there is a seed of transformation ready to take root. Trends To Follow In Sales Tech The use of this technology has a noticeable impact on sales and marketing.

Rather than relying on gut instincts and in-depth market research, organizations can now gather and analyze consumer data in real-time using IoT devices and apps. As a consequence, discovering client demands and foreseeing new prospects are made easier. Customer experience and sales productivity are two areas where IoT will continue to have a significant impact.

5. Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management Technology

Marketing, sales, and customer service are all part of a CRM system, which aims to provide businesses with a comprehensive picture of their relationships with their customers. Traditional CRM software has its advantages, but cloud technology takes CRM to a whole new level by removing the need for local PCs and servers from the workplace. Trends To Follow In Sales Tech Anywhere, at any time—that’s the beauty of having CRM data on the cloud.

What Are Sales Technology? 5 Trends To Follow In Sales Tech | Daily Marketing Facts

With the right CRM implementation, salespeople have the ability to gain rapid and precise insights into what customers are doing, what they enjoy, and when they’re most likely to purchase. This is a significant benefit for salespeople. Trends To Follow In Sales Tech ” Customers and potential clients can be reached while they’re on the road when a sales staff has the most up-to-date, relevant information at their fingertips. SFA and CRM may now be combined into a single, cost-effective software package thanks to the cloud.


Sales are expected to rise in tandem with advances in technology. Consumers who buy online are more likely than those who shop in shops to make a purchase within an hour of starting their search. There are a variety of ways to automate the whole sales value chain: from strategy to execution to optimization. Trends To Follow In Sales Tech While this may be the case, too many sales executives buy sales technology on faith, assuming that just by implementing the technology they would get greater results. According to a Gartner study, just 24% of businesses think that their sales technology installation is optimum.

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