Best Email Marketing Tools To Use In 2022

Best Email Marketing Tools To Use In 2022 | CIO Women Magazine

There are numerous additional internet marketing strategies that companies often employ, even though we tend to concentrate on influencer marketing. Email marketing is among the earliest and still one of the most powerful types. Despite the fact that email is a rather old technology, email marketing is still used because it is effective. Many businesses have created email marketing solutions throughout time to aid in automating the process.

Here is a list of the best email marketing tools to use in 2022;

1. Email Octopus

Amazon SES is used by Email Octopus. It provides every essential component needed for email marketing and automation. The free plan is referred to as the Shrimp Plan, and all of its plans have a “fishy” theme. Email Octopus is one of the best email marketing tools to use . With this package, you can only run email campaigns that have Email Octopus branding. Only 90 days are recorded for the sending stats. Although Email Octopus allows you to send an unlimited number of emails, once you reach 62,000 emails per month, Amazon starts charging you $0.10 for each additional 1,000 emails.

Best Email Marketing Tools To Use In 2022 | CIO Women Magazine

The commercial subscriptions (which have a 10,000-subscriber cap at launch) allow email and automation, send non-branded emails, and preserve statistics indefinitely. Email marketing templates are available to any user. Email Marketing Tools To Use. There are no restrictions on the number of templates you can upload. You can send basic customized plain text emails with Email Octopus or elegantly created newsletters.

2. MailChimp

The most well-known emailing mailing tool discussed here is undoubtedly MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools to use. They frequently add new features and update their product. Recently, they have grown to become an all-encompassing marketing platform. For years, MailChimp has been renowned for the excellence of its free offerings. It contains all the fundamentals for newly established enterprises. Email Marketing Tools To Use

There are now fewer email marketing tools available in the free plan than before, but a basic service for more marketing channels is now available, including landing sites, Facebook and Instagram ads, social media posting, postcards, and pop-up forms. Retargeting advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram is an additional channel added in with higher-priced tiers. Email Marketing Tools To Use. The basic CRM in the free version also has contact profiles, tags, segments, and a dashboard for a particular audience.

3. HubSpot

It offers a specialized CRM, email marketing software, landing page building, online chat and forms administration, and everything in between. HubSpot is one of the best email marketing tools to use and is a well-known and respected product. You may more readily link income to the marketing campaign, newsletter, or blog post that affected each transaction by using HubSpot as the foundation of your marketing and sales. Email Marketing Tools To Use

Best Email Marketing Tools To Use In 2022 | CIO Women Magazine

In this regard, HubSpot functions more like a CRM with email marketing and automation features. You may send email campaigns directly from WordPress using the HubSpot WordPress plugin. Without ever leaving WordPress, the plugin enables you to use a HubSpot form or chat widget to instantly add contacts to your CRM.

4. Omnisend

Omnisend is one of the best email marketing tools to use as a complete marketing automation platform. The free plan, on the other hand, is intended for merchants who are just getting started with email marketing to promote their products. While the free plan includes a limited number of international SMS credits and Web Push notifications, you can buy more SMS credits if necessary.

Furthermore, the free plan allows you to use email campaigns and automated workflows to reach out to your customers with relevant messages – as long as you don’t send more than 500 emails per month. Omnisend has created innovative email templates designed to drive repeat buyers by focusing solely on e-commerce. Omnisend is clearly built by a team that understands what works in e-commerce, from “Wheel of Fortune” offers to birthday discounts and cart reminders.

5. Sender

Check out Sender if you’re looking for a low-cost all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to easily manage email and SMS campaigns from a single dashboard. The sender is one of the best email marketing tools to use. Every plan includes not only full access to all Premium features, such as segmentation and automation workflows, but also access to a large library of ready-to-send popups, embeddable forms, and email newsletters.

Best Email Marketing Tools To Use In 2022 | CIO Women Magazine

The sender is one of the few email marketing tools that claims a strong focus on inbox delivery, which is understandable given their emphasis on their own infrastructure and IP management, as well as a strict no-spam policy on the backend.

6. Send in Blue

Send in Blue is one of the best email marketing tools to use. Sendinblue provides a variety of nurturing tools to help you convert leads into customers, including intuitive signup form options, a landing page builder, and an intuitive and responsive email editor. Sendinblue, in addition to being a clever all-in-one digital marketing solution, also provides advanced reporting and a plethora of customizable templates, making it one of the best-performing email platform options available today.

Sendinblue allows you to quickly create an email marketing strategy, as well as handle SMS and site chat messages, integrate Facebook ad management, and easily keep track of everything with a built-in CRM.

7. Campaign Monitor

If you value visual appeal in your marketing, Campaign Monitor is one of the best email marketing tools to use is an email platform you should definitely consider. Especially if you need a personalized email strategy to ensure brand consistency. Campaign Monitor’s beautiful templates and drag-and-drop email builder give you complete control over how each message looks.

Best Email Marketing Tools To Use In 2022 | CIO Women Magazine

Customize fonts and color schemes to quickly create a great-looking email, and add free stock photos with built-in access to Unsplash. Campaign Monitor has a 99 percent customer satisfaction rating and provides users with a dedicated team of service consultants to provide ongoing support for account setup, best email marketing practices, and strategies to increase deliverability rates.

8. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing tools to use makes our list of the best email marketing services because it allows you to automate welcome emails, birthday emails, and abandoned shopping cart emails, among other things. With a Shopify integration, you can promote products, coupons, and more from your eCommerce store. Subscribers can be added using Salesforce, Excel, Outlook, social media, and other tools. Get email tracking in real-time. Divide users into distinct subscriber lists based on various criteria.

Best Email Marketing Tools To Use In 2022 | CIO Women Magazine

If you run an eCommerce store, Constant Contact is most likely one of the best email marketing services for you. The software integrates with a variety of eCommerce platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce, allowing you to promote products, coupons, and limited-time offers with minimal effort. Constant Contact pricing begins at $20 and scales based on the number of subscribers or contacts.

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