Top 5 Martech Startups In Apac In 2022

Best 5 Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

Businesses and brands are embracing the notion of content marketing as a creative technique for capturing customer attention in this day and age when the vast majority of customers no longer trust advertising. Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 Marketers are increasingly offering information that is intelligent, relevant, and provides value to the lives of the persons they are targeting. This is in contrast to the traditional method of bombarding people with hard-sell ads.

Here are the top 5 Martech Startups In Apac In 2022


Ibex, a digitally-focused advertising firm, uses a data-driven strategy while assisting customers in increasing their income generated online. The company provides digital marketing solutions that are proven to be effective and completely integrated, including content marketing. Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 Additionally, the firm focuses on producing video and image material that is driven by results.

Best 5 Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

Ibex claims that it has spent “billions” of dollars on digital advertising for its customers, and the company has worked with more than fifty different brand partners. The agency’s client list includes many hospitality businesses, including Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, and Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, among others. Additionally, it has collaborated with a number of culinary businesses, including Ben & Jerry’s and San Remo, among others.

2. Jiffy

Jify will someday become a product that firms provide to their workers as a benefit for their personal financial needs, much in the same way that medical insurance is a benefit that is provided by corporations to their employees now. Jiff will eventually develop into a platform that may be utilized by businesses for the purpose of talent recruiting, employee engagement, and financial wellbeing.

Best 5 Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

Jify’s mission is to empower employees to improve their financial well-being. Younger generations and the employed workforce are seeing an increasing income erosion as a result of high-cost loans and a lack of financial discipline brought on by consumerism and expanding requirements. This income erosion is driven by rising needs. Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 To put these figures into perspective, more than 70 percent of the working population in India lives from paycheck to paycheck. As a direct consequence of this precarious financial situation, many Indians turn to high-interest emergency credit or payday loans.


Etymon is a copywriting and SEO business located in Singapore that primarily serves clients in the B2B, financial, and technology sectors. The company provides a variety of services for the development of content, some examples of which include editorial material, industry studies, and technical writing for websites.

Best 5 Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

Since its founding in 2018, the agency has garnered prestigious customers such as Standard Chartered, Huawei, DELL, Panasonic, and Toyota as clients. Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 Etymon is unique in that it encourages collaboration among other organizations and suggests a number of different firms to assist with a variety of requirements, including virtual reality (VR) and video creation.


Because Brand Communications concentrates on companies in the technology, business-to-business, and healthcare industries, its staff has the opportunity to develop experience in creating content that is appealing to particular audiences. Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 The company markets itself as a digital marketing business that offers a broad range of services and has six primary services, the most important of which are content and video.

Each project that an IMPACT! works on include innovative methods and technologies that are developed with the goal of assisting customers in achieving their goals. Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 The agency’s previous clients include some of the most well-known companies in their respective industries, such as Microsoft and Citrix for the technology sector, National Health Group for the healthcare sector, and GfK (Growth from Knowledge) for the business-to-business sector.


Spiralytics is a company that specializes in performance marketing and also provides services in content marketing. The company is of the opinion that content marketing is an effective method for stimulating client involvement and generating new leads. It claims that it provides services that can develop, construct, create, and market content that is effective in driving outcomes.

Spiralytics has logged more than 20 million views over the course of the last eight years, put 50,000 links for search engine optimization (SEO), and booked 10,000 conversions for customers. Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 An in-depth understanding of the company’s operations is the first stage in the marketing agency’s five-step process, which culminates in the publication of content that has been tailored to meet the needs of the target audience for the campaign.


Brands often collaborate with third parties to create successful and compelling content. This has given birth to content marketing companies, which are teams that specialize in the creation, distribution, and measurement of content marketing campaigns. Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 All of these phases are critical to the process and have the potential to revolutionize a campaign.

Agencies must be detail-oriented while also being nimble in dealing with difficulties that occur. Given the interdependence of content formats, technologies, and platforms, businesses should collaborate with agencies that have a diverse mix of creative and technical skills. Martech Startups In Apac In 2022 A variety of skill sets enable an agency to plan and execute complete campaigns that fulfill the intended objectives of a brand.

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