Top 5 Martech Startups In Europe: 2022

Top 5 Martech Startups In Europe: 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

In an era where the great majority of consumers no longer trust commercials, businesses and brands are embracing the concept of content marketing as a creative strategy to garner customer attention. MarTech Startups in Europe Rather than pushing hard-sell commercials in people’s faces, marketers are increasingly giving information that is intelligent, relevant, and adds value to the lives of the individuals they are targeting.

Here are the top 5 MarTech Startups in Europe;


Artlist is a leading creative technology company that provides content creators with powerful video and image editing software, as well as over 900,000 professional digital assets, all available under a revolutionary global license that covers every project, no matter where it is located in the world. MarTech Startups in Europe Artlist provides users with the ability to communicate their own story via video by means of the following four products: is an all-in-one marketplace for creators that includes video templates, presets, music, SFX, stock footage, motion graphics, and stock photos.

FXhome is a cutting-edge video, VFX, and image editing software. is a platform for royalty-free music and SFX. is a platform for curated stock footage. MarTech Startups in Europe is a platform for royalty-free music and SFX Artlist maintains a consistently high level of quality across all of its media and platforms by working with a growing team of contributors from all over the world. Artists’ catalogs are updated each day with new material while the company maintains this level of quality.

Top 5 Martech Startups In Europe: 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

Artlist has been a game-changer in the business ever since it was established in 2016, and it is quickly becoming the ideal 360-degree solution for content producers. This has been accomplished by delivering subscription-based goods under an unequaled license. MarTech Startups in Europe Artlist has over 16 million customers, including Google, Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, Ikea, Mercedes, Samsung, Wix, Netflix, Dior, and many more well-known brands and companies. LinkedIn and WIRED have recognized the company as a leading startup.


Customers may be turned into brand influencers and ambassadors with the assistance of the Brandbassador platform. To put it another way, instead of making unsolicited contact with Instagram influencers, companies may utilize Brandbassador to locate consumers who are committed to their brand. MarTech Startups in Europe In addition, you should urge them to tell others about their company’s brand.

The people who were responsible for the success of the apparel brand Onepiece also established the company Brandbassador. A brand that was created and sustained via the use of social media marketing in order to reach over $200 million in internet revenue. MarTech Startups in Europe We learned the hard way how difficult it is to manually grow ambassador marketing and then monitor the outcomes of that marketing.

Brandbassador was developed as an answer to this problem and perfected over the course of eight years of leading the way in social media marketing from a brand’s point of view. MarTech Startups in Europe We have a wealth of knowledge in the field of word-of-mouth marketing thanks to the many years that we have spent establishing a variety of communities, both large and small, from all over the globe.


Top 5 Martech Startups In Europe: 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

Heepsy is an influencer marketing platform that was launched in 2016 and has its headquarters in Spain. Its primary function is to connect businesses, agencies, and influencers. MarTech Startups in Europe Businesses can search for Instagram influencers based on campaign theme, location, followers, engagement rate, and other factors using Heepsy, which allows businesses to discover and connect with Instagram influencers for their campaigns. Businesses can also search for influencers using the platform.


Tracking performance marketing is a challenging endeavor given the extensive number of channels that are available to marketers in the twenty-first century. The company was founded in 2022 and has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. MarTech Startups in Europe The platform developed by Swarm, which won the award for “Capterra Best Ease of Use 2021,” provides real-time data and control to marketers about the performance of their campaigns.

According to the Swarm team, their technology is capable of managing more than 30 billion events each day for its rapidly expanding customer base. What is the plan for Swarm moving forward? Ease the burden of the day-to-day marketing effort. MarTech Startups in Europe This year, the Berlin-based team has just completed a “seven-figure investment round,” the proceeds of which will be used for expanding Swaarm’s product offerings, increasing headcount, and expanding the company’s reach.


Having to assess the attribution, outcomes, and performance of a marketer’s myriad of campaigns and marketing efforts on a daily basis may be the misery of a marketer’s life. Established in 2015 and situated in Vienna, Austria, the company was named after the city.

Top 5 Martech Startups In Europe: 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

The platform offered by Adverity links and integrates all of the numerous marketing channels, as well as their statistics, into a single location that is simple to traverse. Marketers from different businesses including, Ikea, Forbes, and the 76ers are utilizing Adverity to bring insight into their marketing data sets. Adverity has been listed as a Gartner Cool Vendor for 2020 and a G2 Leader for Fall 2021.


The digital marketing industry is rife with high-flying startups that are on the cutting edge of innovation, and we have featured some of these companies in our list. MarTech Startups in Europe Be sure to keep an eye on these innovative new companies as they continue to expand their product lines and capacities to accommodate the top marketing teams from around the globe.

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