Top 5 Martech Startups In the USA In 2022

Top 5 Useful Martech Startups In the USA In 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

Companies and brands are embracing the notion of content marketing as a novel approach to attracting the attention of customers in an age when the vast majority of consumers no longer believe in advertisements. Martech Startups In the USA In 2022 Instead of shoving hard-sell advertisements in people’s faces, marketers are increasingly providing content that is intelligent, relevant, and provides value to the lives of the population they are targeting.

Here are the top 5 Martech Startups in the USA in 2022;


Substack is an online service that allows users to create and manage their own subscription-based email newsletters. On the other hand, this rapidly expanding firm in the martech field is working aggressively to introduce features that will assist with newsletter discovery. Martech Startups In the USA In 2022 For instance, they now highlight newsletters (which are arranged by subject) on the homepage of their website.

Top 5 Useful Martech Startups In the USA In 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

In addition, Substack also recently released its “Substack Reader” application, which allows users to view all of their Substack newsletters in one centralized location. In addition, the firm that publishes the newsletter just reached 1,000,000 paid subscribers.


Founded in the year 2019, with headquarters in New York, Prizeout is a company that helps businesses, both big and small, attract new customers by using unique gift card marketing strategies. Users that sell their products or services using Prizeout are effectively paying for money rather than the more conventional measures such as clicks or impressions.

Top 5 Useful Martech Startups In the USA In 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

Martech Startups In the USA In 2022 Prize out claims that it may attract “sticky users” who appreciate the advantages of receiving gift cards that can be used to make purchases. Since the company’s founding in 2019, Prizeout’s customer base has expanded to include well-known brands such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Ulta, Lowe’s, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


San Francisco-based Cloud-based behavioral marketing and analytics software provider BounceX is making tremendous progress toward becoming the industry leader. BounceX in the marketing industry that is interested in modifying its marketing approach has started using this technology.

Martech Startups In the USA In 2022 Marketers are able to perform direct marketing activities and customized personal experiences based on the behavioral patterns of their customers with the assistance of the marketing technology solutions provided by BounceX.

To this point, BounceX has been successful in raising $7.8 million, of which it has received $6.3 million in Series A investment. The business has devised a method to fill the gap left by ineffective marketing technology in its industry. Martech Startups In the USA In 2022 Because modern consumers have higher expectations of companies, marketers may utilize the solutions provided by BounceX to more properly detect and promote to their real customers.


Influential claims to be the first artificial intelligence-powered influencer marketplace in the world. The goal of the organization is to provide assistance to companies in selecting the ideal audience to advertise to based on the targeting criteria they have established, as well as in locating influencers that can aid with the efforts of influencer marketing. Martech Startups In the USA In 2022

The platform offered by Influential enables companies to execute influencer marketing campaigns directly via the platform and makes use of predictive analytics and machine learning to aid businesses in estimating the effect that influencer marketing campaigns will have. The influential platform is able to assist companies in locating the most promising influencers for possible marketing campaigns via the use of technological collaboration.


Founded in the year 2018 with headquarters in New York Direct mailing and giving are not on their way out any time soon, despite what most people believe. In 2021, the market size for direct mail will still be a staggering $7.6 billion, despite the fact that the cost of digital advertising will likely continue to rise in the next years. Because of its user-friendly interface, the Reachdesk platform enables marketers to include gifting and direct mail into their outreach cycles. Martech Startups In the USA In 2022

Top 5 Useful Martech Startups In the USA In 2022 | Daily Marketing Facts

Reachdesk is able to handle the gift-giving as well, using their very own customized “swag.” Marketers are able to receive a complete view of how their direct mail initiatives are functioning thanks to robust capabilities such as detailed analytics, ROI assessment, and address validation. Martech Startups In the USA In 2022


This concludes our rundown of the Martech Companies that need serious attention in the year 2022. The provision of content is the common factor that links a great number of these businesses together. As you may have observed, a significant portion of the software included in this list is intended to assist marketing teams in increasing the amount of content they produce.

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